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 4tails(S) kakuzu(S) and diedara(S)

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PostSubject: 4tails(S) kakuzu(S) and diedara(S)   Sun Mar 29, 2009 5:42 pm

yo yo yo im bak wit another spectacular beast mode team ight lissen up or read up witch eva u wnt if u go frast use the 4 tail prep and diedaras clay mold then nxt turn use diedaras clay mold to make explosivs large u should b able to use 1 of kakuzu's moves and dat leaves u with and extra chakra save it until nxt turn then on ur nxt turn if u have a ninjutsu chakra use diedaras explosives with shock wave smash tht does 45 damge everytime u use it together then wen an opponent is 50 p or below and has 1 o your chars stunned with and kill technique use 4tails 3 random chakra move i forgot wut its called tht should kill the stunner then if kakuzu is about to die and its ur turn and u have and opponent wit 20 or berlow hp use heart steal and heal him den nxt turn u should b about to win the match so tht concludes this beast mode team as well oh and if u use kakuzu's 15 afflition to all enemies with shockwave smash and explosives thts 60 dmge so dats another combo and use art is a bang just incase thy kill diedara firstwelp im out ppls check out my nxt team dueceez
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4tails(S) kakuzu(S) and diedara(S)
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